Del Bondio

We are all familiar with the great 20th Century grocer of New Orleans..Schwegmann.. here is the obituary for the another great German grocer of New Orleans in the 19th Century,  Emil Ferdinand Del Bondio. – New Orleanser Deutsche Zeitung.   My English translation follows. 

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MY Translation …….

    Yesterday, in the person of Mr Emil Ferdinand Del Bondio another of those Germans from New Orleans, who are distinguished by their own diligence and energy, as well as by strict righteousness to a high social position and to great influence in the business life of the city, has passed away. Through his death there is again a gap in the ranks of the former older Germans, who were proud of their German ethinicity and were proud of the opportunity to show it.

    Born in January 1842 in Mainz, Mr Del Bondio recieved a careful education at home. He then came to New Orleans at the age of 17 where his older brother Friedrich had for years been an already respectable business man. The first years here Mr Del Bondio spent as an employee of his brother but he already started his own business as a young man. Fortune was good to him and because he was frightened of failure he was active late at night tending his business, with it growing rapidly; it is now the E F Bondio Company, one of the most important in the city.

    With all his business endeavors Mr Del Bondio still had time to devote to delicate social life. In younger years he belonged to many German Clubs and he stayed until his death a zealous member of the German Society (forerunner to today's Deutsches Haus) where he was second V-President. Also a member of the Pickwick Club. In all circles Mr Del Bondio won everyone dearly over because of his affable nature, those who had the pleasure to know him. Mr Del Bondio was married twice. In the first marriage to a daughter of F M Ziegler and in the second with a daughter of Mr Jacob Hassinger. From the first marriage sprang two children; Mr Emil W Del Bondio and Mrs Wm H Hassinger, now residing in Birmingham Ala. From the second marriage came Ms Leonore Del Bondio. When Mr Jacob Hassinger in December last year died he became his successor as director of the Germania Savings Bank & Trust, which he held to his death.

    About 25 years ago Mr Del Bondio became seriously ill but recovered completely and during the last 20 years of his life he always looked at least 10 years younger than he was. He remained fresh and alert until about six months ago when he fell ill with the flu. He never fully recovered from this illness but minded his business every day until about 4 weeks ago; the illness very much affecting his activity. Four weeks ago, by recommendation of his doctor and insistence of his family, he went Abita Springs in St Tammany Parish to gather his strength.   But instead, his condition worsened, so he resolved to return to the city.  On Tuesday, 8 days ago, he returned and since that time had been in his apartment on the corner of Prytania and Josephine Streets. On Monday the patient was so weak that the doctors gave up all hope of recovery. All members of his family were informed of his imminent death so they monitored hours long at the sick home. Yesterday morning at 4:45 the patient slept (died) softly, surrounded by family members.

    The funeral will take place this morning at half past eleven from the mourning home, Pastor Quinius will preside over the funeral.



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